About Jarrod

Husband to Christie (2003) and father to two sons, Josiah (2004), and Titus (2006). Also, as of summer of 2012, father to two daughters, Marni (2004) and Jubilee (2009) through adoption from Ukraine. Pastor of Grace Community Church, Orange County, NY, and author.

What do I mean by Faith, Leadership, and Being Well?

Although a pastor, I am still on a journey of joyful, holy “discontentment.” Much of what I share in this blog are reflections and discoveries while on this faith journey. Likewise, I offer nuggets of spiritual insights and gleanings, thoughts on certain cultural issues, questions, and struggles all of which comes from a Christian worldview, anchored to Scripture, and centered on the gospel of Jesus.

I am not a self-professed leadership guru by any means. But I am a student of leadership. I have only been a Lead Pastor since October, 2009 (For more bio information, go HERE). Being the Lead Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America for three years running (Outreach Magazine), I am having to be a quick learner. God has been very good to me (and Grace Community Church). Likewise, I am being mentored through voracious reading on leadership, relentless listening to leadership podcasts, and religiously noting leadership observations, discoveries, and experiences (good and bad). Suffice it to say, the past few years reveal I have done some things right. I have also done some things wrong. My blog records insights, reflections, and thoughts of what I am learning as a leader. Hopefully it helps all people, not just other leaders.

Being Well
I am a husband. I am a father of four kids, ages four to ten years old. I preach five services every weekend (on top of all of my other personal and pastoral responsibilities). Grace community is currently a church with four campuses. I struggle with a form of insomnia. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar II in 2004. I live in a never-ending current of stress. Yet, I am in the best shape since my college basketball days and feel better spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally than I can last remember.  It has required discipline, but surprisingly, not that much time or drastic life change. At the end of the day, I simply want to be healthy, look fit, feel good, eat what I want (mostly), and have energy to love my family deeply, serve Christ passionately, enjoy life fully, and avoid the early grave. And in that pursuit I have stumbled across some approaches that are helping me achieve those goals. I share those discoveries in this blog as well.

Also, I reserve the right to brag on my family and post pictures. I am sure you understand!

In a nutshell, if faith, leadership, or being well interests you, hopefully my blog will serve to inform, educate, mentor, inspire, encourage, and motivate you in those areas. Feel free to subscribe, and you will get my free e-book–13 Ways To Ruin Your Life. Or, just check in every so often. Thanks for joining me on the journey.