You are an influencer. My goal is to help you get to the next level. First and foremost, I want to equip and inspire you to lead and take care of YOU first. At the same time, I want to equip and empower you to be a confident and effective communicator. Influence is communication. Communication is influence. Put it all together and your influence will change lives, even generations, and long outlive you. Interested? Here’s a bit more about me…


About me in 30 seconds or less:

  • I’m married to my best friend. She’s gorgeous too.
  • I’m a father to four—two by adoption.
  • I’m a pastor.
  • I’m a southerner turned Yankee transplant.
  • I played college basketball back in the day, but my kids have a hard time believing it.
  • I periodically find new obsessions, although coffee, reading, working out, and movies are my staples. 
  • Professionally, close to twenty years ago I began a career as a public speaker for venues ranging from retreats, school assemblies, and festivals to conferences, conventions, and churches.
  • I’ve authored two books. And I have a hard time believing it.
  • Since 2009, I’ve been privileged to lead and grow a church from 500 to over 3000 with 5 campuses in the New York city metro area.
  • We’re currently considered one of the top 400 most influential churches in America with a podcast that receives 13,000 downloads across 96 countries each month.


Here are a few things I’m passionate about in 2 minutes or less:

Public Speaking

My wife says I have the gift of gab, but if I’ve got any natural speaking abilities I’d say they were passed down from my southern Mom and Grandma who taught me the art of a long meal and even longer story telling. Yet I was the guy in college who asked his college professor not to call on him in class for fear of having to talk in front of others, especially the ladies.

Public speaking has never come naturally. So much so, that when I first began pursuing the craft, my first objective was to ditch my heavy southern accent. Because let’s be honest, a heavy southern drawl doesn’t always evoke the most confidence from your listeners. Unraveling my accent was one step I took to excel in my craft. Since then, I’ve studied and implemented countless other methods and improvements and I’m still a student.

I’ve come a long way from those early days to now speaking in front of thousands on a weekly basis.


Leadership rises and falls with self-leadership. I’ve learned the hard way.

You can be a passionate visionary, master motivator, smart delegator, gifted creative, skilled communicator, but if you cannot lead yourself well—your time, your emotions, your thoughts, your relationships—you will self-sabotage, self-destruct, or simply waste your talent.

Given the skill of time–management, margin, emotional intelligence, strength of character, a positive outlook, and priority of healthy relationships, it’s possible to be a credible and authentic leader.

Being Well

Sometimes the hard knock life propels us into a direction we would have never traveled. This is how I found my own path to being well.

From some of my earliest memories, I can recall “demons” hiding in the crevices of my life. I’ve lived decades of my life self-medicating, willing myself out of depression, and rationalizing mental and emotional unrest. It wasn’t until 2004, when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type II that I started to wake up to the realities of my health in mind, spirit, body, and relationships and how each could make or break my life.

Paying attention to those areas of my life is not always easy. But enjoying life, my work, and my family is a freedom worth the price tag.


Any of the above hit home? If so, I hope you’ll join me on the journey….

A bit of a disclaimer here: You’ll find much of my writing connected to the spiritual. I trust you can appreciate it’s just who I am. As a christian and pastor, it oozes out of me. Whatever your belief system, I hope you’ll still join me! Spiritual or not, I’m convinced you’ll discover the content to be informing and inspiring for your personal growth and influence.