Smiling in a graveyard

July 22, 2015 — 2 Comments

GraveyardA couple of months ago I discovered an old graveyard off a bike trail. The markings on the gravestones gave evidence some of the deceased were Christians. It’s surreal to think that on the recorded date of their deaths all of their questions were answered. Never again will they have bruises, backaches, or broken hearts. And they finally know who authored Hebrews.

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Below is a draft-post I wrote in March, 2013. After writing it, I decided against posting it. In fact, I nearly deleted it.

When the Supreme Court ruling regarding gay marriage was handed down yesterday, I thought of this post. It’s as timely as ever. I hope you find it helpful.


imagesOn March 26 & 27, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding two specific cases of same-sex marriage. According to USA TODAY, Attorney David Boies, all who oppose gay marriage do so “from a reservoir of ignorance.” Likewise, he is confident that “the high court may very well present a united front in favor of gay and lesbian rights” (USA TODAY).

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brad-pitt_2673230bI dig Brad Pitt. In my opinion, he’s a great actor. From what I’ve learned about him, I think he’s good dude. He’s down to earth. He pranks and can take a prank. He loves his wife and kids. He drinks untainted black coffee and rides a motorcycle (fitting well into my definition of “dude”). Nevermind that our culture worships him as a “beautiful” man, and a “cinema god.”

IN 2009, he appeared on the cover of W Magazine. He did the photo shoot on one condition—that artist Chuck Close, known for his super detailed portraits that reveal every skin flaw, do the shots. Pitt would wear no make-up and there would be no airbrushing of the years of wear on his face.

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A Pastor’s guilt…

March 10, 2015 — 50 Comments

guilt2I think all pastors live with low-grade guilt. I know I do. I’ve searched in vain for a fellow pastor who has written on this sort of thing. So, I figured I’d take a swing at it.

I have low-grade guilt because I want to always be there for all people—especially all the people in the church I pastor. But I can’t. I want to attend every event, reply to every e-mail, return every call, visit every hospital, do every funeral, officiate every wedding, counsel all who struggle, meet with all who want to meet… but I can’t. Funny thing is, no one is pressuring me to do so (okay, maybe a few). It’s almost purely self-inflicted guilt.

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blank-slateLeading up to each new year I’m asking God for His “one thing,” or theme, for my life in the coming year. He’s rarely left me guessing. I highly recommend the same prayer for you. Forget resolutions, go for theme. If you’re drawing a blank at the moment, I’ll be happy to share mine.

The following has actually been God’s theme for me since October. Everyday it’s as if the Lord has simply said to me, “Jarrod, just be faithful.” Then, this morning, I came across this: “Unless you are faithful in small matters, you won’t be faithful in large ones. If you cheat even a little, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities” (Luke 16:10 NLT). “Faithful” it is for 2015!

Here’s how I work this out:

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