defeatedOh this curse of comparing one’s self.

We think if we just had the wit, the time, the energy, the likability, the education, the smarts, the talents, the finances, the relationships, the opportunities, the faith, the gifts of another, then wow. We would make much more of a difference in people’s lives and God’s kingdom.

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In New York state, you cannot destroy honey bees and their hives. They are a “protected species.” So you could be fined if you do.

Puppies? Kittens?

If you cause “unnecessary suffering” to a puppy or kitten, or outright kill them, you will face indictment.


In the United States it is legal to cause unnecessary suffering and death of unborn babies. You will not be fined. You will not be prosecuted. You will not face indictment. It is fully within your rights. In fact, it’s “termination” done in the name of research. So if a balm is needed for the conscience, there you go.

[For friends, loved ones, and new ones to my blog, please read Abortion: A love letter.]

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images Ever heard the phrase, “Christians should be known more for what they are for and not for what they are against”? There is something to that. But have we coined and championed the phrase as a way to shirk duty, justice, and Truth? As Holbrook Jackson put it, is our [Christian] kindness actually cowardice?

[For friends, loved ones, and new ones to my blog, please read–Abortion: A love letter and Rage Against the Children.]

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abc_wn_shipman_120202_mnIf you are new to my blog, please read my previous post—Abortion: A love letter.

By now we’re mostly all aware of the videos released by The Center for Medical Progress. These videos feature Planned Parenthood’s director and staff describing how they extract, preserve, and sell body parts of aborted fetuses. Their nonchalance is ghastly beyond words. To view the videos (I could only bare a snippet of a couple) is to witness demonic evil at it’s height.

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regret-womanAbortion has touched my friends, family, and church family’s lives. Regardless of reasons that compelled their choice, I have personally witnessed the burning guilt, hot tears, and smoldering regret.

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