Motorboating or sailboating?

January 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

images (1)Is your life, ministry, or business like a sailboat or motorboat? In other words, are you doing what you think God wants you to do without first seeking Him in it? Are you steering the boat, determining the speed, and creating your own wake?  Or, are you seeking, listening, and responding to the Lord’s direction? Are you raising the sails for God to blow His Spirit-wind in the direction and at the speed He wants you to go?

Motorboat people go, then pray. Sailboat people pray, then go. Motorboat people first do what they want to do and seek God to bless it. Sailboat people first seek what God would have them do, and discover God’s blessings.

What are you waiting for? His Spirit-wind is blowing. Toss the motorboat keys and pray up the sails.

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